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Pro bassist-touring & session; composer; educator; gourmet coffee/craft beer/single malt fan & proud papa! Have a look around and be sure to connect with your favorite social media platform. See you at the gig!

"Wicks' playing, in the spirit of bass royalty Scott LaFaro, Charles Mingus, and Chuck Israels, is right on the money in allowing the listener to "feel" the bass, instead of "overly hear" it. His bass lines are fresh, original, and together with the gentlemen of his rhythm section, weaves a perfect carpet for soloists to strut upon. By letting his fellow artists shine, he shines as well." - Kathryn Ballard Shut, Jazz Times



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Gary Wicks Music @ Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, CA

Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles, CA, United States

I will be joining the LA Symphony as part of their bass section for a concert at the world famous Disney Concert Hall. Bow tie and bowed bass!